You’re Not Alone

I see you Mama.

You’re tired – mentally and physically exhausted. It’s 3 am and you’re awake while the rest of the house is sleeping. You’re eyes are heavy as you rock your babe back to sleep – tears rolling down your face because all you want is some rest. And now your toddler is whispering in your ear, “mommy wanna go downstairs?”, at the butt crack of dawn. Cool, I’ll sleep when I’m dead. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama.

You’re burnt out. You feel like you have nothing left to give, yet you know in a few short hours you’ll have to roll yourself out of bed and keep going – keep giving. The only things keeping you going are the grace of Jesus + a lot of coffee. You know you need a break, but can’t find the words to ask for help. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama.

You’re cup is empty. Your days revolve around children who need you – changing diapers around the clock, taking care of their needs first. That shower you wanted to take will have to wait. That coffee you wanted to drink is now cold. That makeup you wanted to put on will continue to collect dust. You feel like all you do is give, give, give with nothing in return and there seems to be no time for YOU. And you head to the restroom with two little feet following behind. Sure, come watch me pee it’ll be fun. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama.

You’re overwhelmed. Your to-do list seems to keep growing without anything actually getting accomplished. The clothes keep piling up and you keep re-washing the same load. You look at the dishes in the sink, the dirt on the floor, and clutter all over and you wonder how you’re going to get it all done. And then your toddler spills coffee everywhere and plays with the baby powder. Great. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama.

You miss your husband. Sure, he’s sitting right next to you, but you miss him. You miss the days with him before children. You miss the days with him when you could both focus on each other without the stress of everyday life. You miss the days when bedtime meant snuggling with him while watching a movie. You miss your alone time with him. And then the kids are finally asleep, you both look at each other with those tired eyes and pass the heck out. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama.

You’re feeling guilty. You started another fight with your husband over nothing. You cancelled plans with your friend again. You snapped at your toddler. You got frustrated with the baby. You gave your kid the iPad because you needed a day of peace – yes I said ‘day’. You felt like giving up. And now you’re gonna have to deal with the people telling you to “enjoy these moments” so great now you feel ten times worse. You’re not alone.

I see you Mama. Jesus sees you.

You are not alone in this motherhood journey. Breathe. Ask for help – and know that you’re doing an amazing job even when you’re feeling less-than. Remember, the work you are doing is for the Kingdom of Heaven and it matters greatly.

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