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I want to preface this post by saying that all of the items I talk about + link are what we have personally gotten the MOST use out of with both of our children. I personally believe that less is more – babies do not need a whole lot to thrive. So, I’ll be including twelve items that are essential to creating a functional nursery.

Okay, let’s talk all things nursery! This was the most exciting part, to me, about expecting a baby.

The minute that pregnancy test showed the words “you’re pregnant” we immediately started dreaming about what the nursery was going to look like. Or, at least I did. Creating a space for your child is so much fun, but also extremely stressful. Just like creating a registry, people are made to believe that you need a ton of things, when in reality you don’t.

Here are my 12 Nursery Essentials to make sure you’re ready for your sweet new babe!

Crib : hi hello cribs are freaking expensive. Like, stupid expensive. I was bound and determined to not spend an arm and a leg on a bed for my child. So, we hit up Amazon and found a cute + simple crib. It has lasted us going on 3 years now and we will continue to use it until we are done having babies. And it’s half the price of the cribs I’ve seem at Target.

Mattress : So, coming from a seasoned Mama…I highly suggest investing in a good mattress for your baby. We did not research enough and ended up with a generic mattress that honestly sucks, but we get by. I’ve linked a MUCH better mattress that has great reviews. Just do your research Mama! You might find something even better.

Sheets : These Burts Bees sheets are SO soft and comfy…I wish I had them for my own bed. Word of advice: buy more than one sheet. In fact, buy like 5+ sheets because you’ll want some extras on hand just in case.

Dresser : OKAY! This was the biggest mistake we made with our first. We chose to forgo a dresser and buy just a changing table. First of all, changing tables are stupid and honestly only serve one purpose. Second of all, um hi where are all the clothes going to go?! So, the second time around we used a dresser that was my parents – we painted it a beautiful grey to match the wall color and it has been the best thing we ever did. It serves not only as a place for clothes, but just slap a changing pad on top with a basket next to it with diapers and wipes and BAM! you now have a changing table. I’ve linked my FAV dresser that I wanted to purchase before we decided to use one that we already had.

Changing Pad : you do not need to spend $75+ on a changing pad…and I say that because ALL the bloggers you might follow on Instagram are going to make you think that you “need” that fancy shmancy changing pad that takes their weight and doubles as a second mother. No. The one I have linked has been through two kids, is less than $20, and we love it! *make sure to buy at least TWO changing pad covers, ya know because babies pee and poop a ton*

Rocking Chair / Glider : We did not use a glider with our first baby, in fact we ended up buying a $50 love seat off Facebook Marketplace. Great in theory, but truly not functional for a nursery. I’ve linked our current chair that I LOVE and am so glad that we purchased it. Another word of advice: hit up your local thrift stores/consignment shops for some of the big items for your nursery. We found this exactly chair for only $75! And it had absolutely nothing wrong with it. Love me a good deal.

Drawer organizers : These puppies are awesome if you’re the Marie Kondo type. They technically aren’t a necessity, but they sure do help keep all that baby shiz organized!

Blackout curtains : THIS IS A MUST!!! I’m all about creating the perfect sleep environment because hi this mama needs her rest. Perfect to keep the room dark during the day for naps and to block out the sun when it starts to rise.

Lamp: nothing fancy – ya just need a smiple lamp (or night light) to keep the light low during those middle of the night feedings!

Monitor : I have grown to love this monitor. It’s simple, has great picture quality, and has the ability to talk into it. My only issue with it is the battery life – it can’t go a whole day without being hooked up to the charger, but that no big deal to me.

Book shelf : I love these shelves because they hang on the wall, giving you more floor space, and you can easily see the book covers!

Toy + organizational baskets : We have these baskets on the top of the dresser that holds diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc. We also have several other baskets floating around the room that hold miscellaneous toys. Grab whatever style suits you – they’re great!

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