Top Ten Baby Must-Haves

Becoming a new parent is insanely emotional and just down right scary. There are so many things to do before your precious tiny human arrives that it almost seems impossible – clean the house, get the nursery ready, create a registry, clean the house again, vacuum the dogs, etc. It’s a lot to handle.

I remember being about five months pregnant with my first and stressing over what I needed to include on my registry list. I didn’t want to over do it, but I also wanted to make sure that we would have what we needed. I turned to Pinterest for help, which was a huge mistake. All I kept finding were these long a** lists with 50+ items on them that claimed to be “must-have” items. It was overwhelming to say the least.

All of this to say, I learned my lesson the second time around – babies do not need all of the junk Pinterest tells you it needs. I kid you not we only ordered a handful of items for our second babe and he was just fine.

Here are my top Baby “Must-Haves” to get you through those first few months. *click on the words in bold for links*

  1. Velcro Swaddles : ya’ll, work smarter not harder. Swaddle blankets are great and all, but, for me, I could never get that dang thing as tight + snug as it needed to be. Then, I discovered velcro swaddles. It was a game changer for getting my babes to sleep in longer stretches, because that startle reflex was the devil. And honestly, we just used swaddle blankets as very large burp cloths.
  2. DockATot : Okay, before you roll your eyes at the price hear me out. I am not the type to go out and drop hundreds of dollhairs on items that I don’t need. But, this is a definite must-have for sleep. With our first baby we used the Rock n Play, but that thing is now recalled and basically illegal, so with our second I knew that I wanted to try something different. This little sucker, combinded with the velcro swaddle, helped us get 3-4 hour stretches of sleep in those first few weeks – which is unheard of if you have a new baby. So, I love this product and I 1000% believe in its ability to help with sleep.
  3. Zipper pajamas with built in mittens : save your soul and boycott buying those tiny mittens – they never stay on and always get lost in the wash. Also, pj’s with button snaps are proven to cause mommy meltdowns so skip those and head for the pj’s with zippers. If you come across PJ’s that zip up AND have built in mittens, buy all of them. Just do it. Target is a great place to find this glorious combo.
  4. White noise machine : This. Item. Right. Here. If this is the only thing you purchase from my list, you’re killin’ it. With our first kid we didn’t use one and daggumit I wish we had. I’ve linked our favorite brand from Amazon – I turn it on for ALL naps + bedtime and honestly wish I had one for myself.
  5. Onesies : We are not fancy people. My kids wear Wal-Mart + Target + hand me downs. And when they were newborns, they LIVED in plain ol onesies. It’s just easy. In my opinion, cute outfits are great, but I’m all about my kids wearing clothes that can potentially get dirty. Babies poop a lot and spit up even more, so it’s not so gut wrenching when they’ve ruined a Carter’s onesie as opposed to some fancy shmancy Nordstrom outfit.
  6. Boppy Lounger : these things are great for moving the little babe around the house – need a shower? great! bring the lounger + babe and let ’em hang out.
  7. Light weight blankets : we love any and all muslin blankets! Our favorite brand are the Aden + Anis.
  8. A variety of pacifiers : This is a big one if you are choosing the use a paci with your baby. Our first babe would not take the typical Avent paci that the hospital provides, so we were kind of freaking out those first few nights until we could get her to take one. She ended up like every other kind that we would off. Our second babe, however, will ONLY take the Avent paci and nothing else. Go figure. So, I’m linking a fan favorite that I’ve been seeing and it is the Ryan + Rose Cutie PAT. But, be sure to have a variety on hand in case your little one is picky.
  9. Diapers + Wipes : This one may seem like a no brainer, but one piece of advice when registering/purchasing diapers and wipes: include multiple sizes and brands. You may THINK you + your baby are going to like one brand, but you might try them out and find that they’re awful and giving your nugget a rash. My personal favorites: Hello Bello, Huggies, Luvs, and Up&Up (Target).
  10. Bottles : I’m including this for all the Mamas who plan on pumping and/or supplementing with formula. Breastfeeding was not fun for me. With both kids I breastfed as long as I could mentally stand it and then I went straight to formula. Word of advice: do not go bottle crazy. Just like pacifiers, you will not know what type works well for your baby until you try it out. We went through three types of bottles with our first, and two types with out second. Our personal favorite are the Dr. Brown bottles – extremely affordable and 100% help with gas + tummy issues.

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