God is grace.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by failure?

Maybe it’s still the postpartum blues, but I’ve been down about myself lately – I feel like a complete failure as a wife, mother, and friend.

You too?

There’s that stupid, not from God, voice that just loves to whisper in my ear,

“You raised your voice at Maddie again.”

“You didn’t get the laundry finished.”

“You started a fight with your husband”

“You still haven’t responded to all those text messages”

“You haven’t lost any of your baby weight.”

“You couldn’t successfully breastfeed your babies”

You can’t do that

You’re not good enough”

and he goes on and on and on. There are some days that his nasty voice is so prevalent that I literally want to scream “STOP!!” And then drown my sorrows in a whole box of Yasso bars.

I am not perfect. I never will be perfect. And neither will you. But, that doesn’t mean that we have to settle. That doesn’t mean we have to give up. That doesn’t mean that we have to believe the lies. Jesus wouldn’t put those words in our head, that’s the enemy’s work – Satan himself. And all he wants for your life is to exploit your insecurities, convince you that you actually did mess up that badly, and to ignore your dreams instead of pursuing them.

But sister, you don’t need to listen to that mess because God’s grace is bigger than your failures.

Instead of throwing myself pity party after pity party, I will seek Jesus and live a life that glorifies Him. Instead of should-ing all over myself, I will turn away from my failures and to my God who has NONE. Instead of criticizing, I will speak positively and give grace to myself. Instead of believing that I am not enough, I will rid myself of the lies and I will pray for Jesus to affirm that I am who he says I am.

“I am worthy because I am a Child of God.”

“I am a friend of Jesus.”

“I am justified and redeemed.”

“I am given new mercies every day.”

“I have been accepted by Christ.”

I am worthy. Right here. Right now. Right as I am. I am not a failure.

We are still human. We will continue to make mistakes. But, it is because of our gracious God that we can live in freedom from our failures. We do not need to let those lies haunt us and hold us captive. Stop beating yourself up. Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus and you will receive new mercies every. single. day.

Hold yourself to a standard of GRACE, not perfection. Because God is grace.

Jesus, today I CHOOSE to release everything that has tried to hold me back. I release the past; I release the bitterness; I release the FAILURES. Instead, Lord help me to embrace your grace and power and to boldly move forward into the blessings you have for me.