A look inside a seasoned Mama’s diaper bag

Hi, I’m the “seasoned” Mama (lol) and I’ll be showing you exactly what is in my diaper bag as a mom of two littles.

Coming from experience, I honestly live by the rule that “less is more” – even in a diaper bag. You do not need to pack as if you will never return home. All you really need are a few essential items for the kids, and yourself, and you’ll be good to go!

Before we get to the inside contents of my bag, let me talk about the diaper bag itself – o.m.g. I love it. My sweet cousin gifted it to me when we found out about baby #2 and let me just say that it has gotten us through the trenches. I could probably fit my 8 month old son inside and still have room for a sippy cup. Ok not really, but you get the picture.


It’s less than $30 on Amazon and well worth the price. It comes in 14 different colors and is very roomy. Get it here !!

Okay, next up is what is actually inside of my glorious diaper bag. Let me remind you that I am a seasoned mother and absolutely have my shit together at all times. I’m always prepared and never caught off guard or without what I need for my children. I am perfect and so is my diaper bag.

And if you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, we can’t be friends.

Let’s take a look…

  • Front pocket: a crumbled up Chick Fil A receipt from July of 2018
  • Side pocket #1: a second crumbled up Chick Fil A reciept from August of 2018
  • Side pocket #2: nothing
  • Inside pockets: 
    • a pair of socks
    • one diaper wipe that left it’s pack and never returned
    • a paci
    • gum wrapper
    • an old insurance card
    • and a peice of paper used to enterain Maddie during church.
  • Main area of the bag: 
    • one size 5 diaper, just one (I have TWO kids still in diapers…)
    • my wallet
    • a crumbled up Target reciept
    • more paper used to entertain Maddie during church
    • four more crumbled up recipets
    • pair of panties + pair of pants for Maddie (don’t worry, the panties were still attached to the pants as if we had just taken them off her body #winning)
    • a hat for Joseph
    • burp cloth + bib
    • extra pair of pants for Joseph
    • a travel sound machine
    • a bow
    • ONE shoe
    • a flashlight + hot pink nail polish + a pen
    • crumbs
    • a shit ton of change

Well there you have it, friends. I am a hot mess Mama and I have the diaper bag to prove it. Nothing in my bag is useful and I’m usually throwing items in it while running out the door.

And for the record, all you really need when leaving the house with your kids is extra diapers + wipes, snacks, and a whole lot of confidence.